How can I attract women and keep them in to me?

Would like to find a woman for a good long term relationship. Is there any good advice out there.


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  • My best advice would be to be straight forward and honest, give a girl time and attention (not in a creepy way) and don't be a flake. If you say you are going to do something do it. That's been the biggest issue for me

    • That is not good to hear that the guys want to flake out on you. I will make sure I will do whatever I say thank you for the good advice.

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  • Be yourself... but in an unwavering way. A lot of girls will say confidence, and it discourages a lot of guys because like women, they can be naturally insecure. But honestly, what a lot of us really mean, is that you need to be yourself and be unafraid to be yourself. Don't just agree with us, don't just say what you think we want to hear, be honest about your opinions and have your own life. If you're who you are without wavering, you open the doors up for us to find everything we love and maybe don't about you - which gives us the opportunity to date a REAL person, not a guy who puts on a show to impress us.

  • I'm going to tell you the ultimate secret to attracting women. Most people consider it clichè but it actually works. 100% Guaranteed to get a woman to fall in love with you.


    • Pretend to be something im not, got it!

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    • The bad boy type of attitude. She is right and wrong sorta. Being yourself doesn't work until they hit their 30's. I want a LTR too at my age but it won't happen due to their mindsets. Gonna stay single and build my net worth right now. Maybe go to a foreign country? I have travelled before and foreign women are way better.

    • I am not talking about being the "bad boy". I'm saying be true to your nature. Be true to who YOU are... no one else. No specific type of person just your individual self that makes YOU unique. No one else. GOD I feel like I'm talking to high school kids.

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  • Love her. Not smother her with your own idea of what love is... But truly, truly lover her. Desire her, to care for her, to be tender with her heart.

    If you focus on her heart, feeling it as if it was your own, with empathy, understanding, concern, and love, you will forever keep her as yours.

    As men we get sidetracked, we see other pretty faces, we want to hang out with our friends (Instead of with the woman we love) we want to do things that separate us from her. True love means pain exists when you are apart, and no, it does not have to end when you grow older. It's only when we become lazy and complacent that things begin to fall apart.

    It is easy to fall in love, but maintaining takes painful self sacrifice. It takes self denial and self discipline.

    Hopefully you will have discovered that she is worth the effort.

    Hopefully you did not have sex with her because that will deceive you, emotionally. It is hard to know someone's heart when euphoria clouds your mind.

    A solid foundation in abstinence is key. It can take years of dating in some cases to fully develop it. Do you have the discipline to cultivate a relationship and reap the rewards for the rest of your life? It really is up to you.