What do older guys look for on a younger girl?

I love older man. but for some reason I don't always attracted the one guy I like so much...
why is that? what are they looking for that I fall short on?


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  • Its really no diffrence between a younger girl or a girl their age.

    I am 37 .. currently dating a 26 year old...

    She is ambitious, energetic, kind, speaks her mind, has boundaries and communicates them ( mportant for younger women in order to not be taken advantage of )

    The secret is to understand that men will take you as you present yourself

    If you are serious girl.. you will force them to be serious with you
    If you let them act like your overlord.. they will use you

    Treat an older man like he is your age... this iwll give you two benefits... you will be more comfortable in communicating your boundaries to him and it will mak ehim feel young.. because you treat him no differently than you would a guy your age.

    From your side.. be a serious girl... talk about serious stuff.. literature, economy, spirituality... the more you talk about this stuff and be knowledgable about them.. the more they will see you as a mature girl whom they can connect to.

    Hope this helped :) wish you love and happiness.

    • thank you , and honestly this is me
      I am a mom of 2. I work. I have my own apt, car.
      I have pick nice guys out there. that make me feel like a queen, but for the most part I seem to attract creeps! that look at me like a piece of ass...
      I want someone like me with hopes and dreams and 2 feet on the ground... I don't fall for that prince charming thing

    • Thank you fur the award and good luck !!! ))

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