Ladies: Do you think you could be attracted to someone who has sad and difficult history?

Is a sad past and being prone to periods of sadness as a result a deal breaker?


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  • Relationships are about compromise and sacrifice as much as they are about giving, receiving and sharing. Women who only like the "idea" of a relationship only want to focus on the receiving part. If you really love someone you'll want to help them heal from whatever pain there is, so the time you spend nurturing that person's mind isn't a bother but more so of a reward to see them happy. Wait on and trust in God, he will provide you with your soulmate, have faith.

    All the best and God Bless,


    • You are most kind. Thank you. ❤️

    • Honestly, I'm not the most kind, in fact, I can be very brash but thank you very much and no problem. I've known and read up on quite a few people of different walks of life that have been married for 25 to 50 years and what I noticed is that although many of their stories were different, they all had theses two things in common:
      1. They are best friends
      2. They all said that marriage is hard work.
      Though most importantly they all mentioned keeping Jesus as their guide.
      With that being said, when you are in a relationship with somebody who is very emotionally close to you then the desire to leave when things get rough will not be a goal for you because you care about that person so much that all you want to do is fight to make things work. Jesus will always bring two people who are meant to be back together and will give them the knowledge on how to keep a beautiful relationship in the midst of joy and discomfort.

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  • Someone with a sad history? Sure, absolutely. Someone who gets down from time-to-time is fine, too. But if he was constantly in that kind of mood, or in that state the majority of the time, I don't think I could. It'd just be so much work.

  • If he is too gloomy I won't date him

  • no i am not interested. i tried it once but it became so depressing and boring. i left the guy

  • Too much sadness is a deal breaker. It sucks but you gotta move on.


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