What should I do? There's no connection?

I have been seeing this guy and I am really attracted to him and we're really physical with eachother. but it's really hard having a conversation with him. I always feel like I have to think of something to say. It's not a natural flow. and sometimes I feel like there's awkward silences. Do u think he feels the same way? And It sucks because I am so attracted to him and I wish we could have deep meaning conversations but it's so hard. What should I do?

We're attracted to eachother but It's hard for the conversation to flow naturally. What does this mean?


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  • I'm like the guy who can't have deep conversations. I didn't know that was an problem, till a girl told me it was. I tried to talk about something but, it was too hard to keep it going. I just don't like opening up so much. He's probably beating himself up about it already, I sure did.

  • Say what is on your mind, random things. Its hard when your trying to impress, but there is no standard, its ur individuality that sets you apart.


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