Why do people complain about their boyfriend or girlfriend and stay with them?

Why do people complain about their boyfriend or girlfriend and stay with them?
They will complain about how they suck at texting, or go out all the time or flirt with other people
I don't understand how someone can complain all day about it and all the time and stay with them. They always have a number of complaints about never good things to say


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  • I think because it's a safety net. It's much scarier to face being lonely and single and not knowing if you can find someone better to be with. Also, it's nice to have someone you can show affection to and get physical attention from. But also, just because you complain about your relationship doesn't mean you should end it. Sometimes people just need to vent. And everyone needs to make compromises in a relationship. Nobody's perfect.

    • People vent everyday. I think they are desperate to be in a relationship

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  • Maybe they're insecure and don't think they can find anyone else? Or maybe they just like to complain about them even though in truth the things they like outweigh the things they dislike, but they enjoy complaining to their friends?

    I can't know for sure. Sounds like your friends have got issues. =/


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  • Because that's what people do. Yeah they complain but at the back of their mind they have a number of reasons why they stay as well. The number one reason being is that they love them. Don't you complain about your family or friends from time to time? That doesn't mean you're going to cut them out your life. You know despite their short comings that you love and cherish them...

    • Not really
      I don't hang out with people who's flaws bug me a lot

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    • You clearly didn't understand this simple question

    • I see... Why not ask them then? They would be the only one that could truthfully answer this question. Some people just prefer to sit where they are. Content but not completely happy. People like that cause their own suffering.