Is it better to ask a girl for her number or ask her on a date?

Hi! Im using my brothers account so I made it anonymous.

I like this girl in my class and was trying to think what move I could make.

I was thinking of asking her if she wanted to go ice skating this upcoming weeked. Or should I just ask for her number so we can text?


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  • Always, always get the number, it is how you can communicate if things change. Get the number secure the date, and stay off the phone, text her sparringly, save the convo for the date. a lot guys mess this up by talking too much, then there is no mystery about you, and you don't have much to say and she loses interest. Conclusion get the number ask her out, then concur young Romeo...


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  • I'd ask for her number. You can text with her, casually ask what her plans are for the weekend, that way if she's already busy, you can skip around the ice skating question, save it for another time.


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  • I don't know how are u gonna go on a date if you can't text or call her if she could go lol so I guess u gotta get the number first