Why has he changed suddenly since our big discussion last week?

I had a feeling that my boyfriend had a gambling problem. He was placing bets on football games knowing full well he doesn't have money to throw away like that. His mother told me some things like him borrowing money from her or him not having enough money to even fill his gas tank up.

I gave him an ultimatum about it and said if he can't quit that I'd have to leave. I'm not dealing with a man with a gambling problem. He won't bring me down. We talked about it this past week and he told me he'd stop for me.

Well I don't think he's stopped. As a matter of fact communication between us has dwindled since then. I don't know what he does and he doesn't even call me at night before I go to bed anymore. I work two jobs so I barely have time to hang out with him. I went with him to his Christmas party Saturday night after I got off from work.

The Texans played Yesterday (Sunday) and they won. We were suppose to hang out after I got off. But he claimed his bowling team from work wanted to practice and he wanted to know what time we were going to hang out. I just let him go with his friends.

He said he'd call me later on today but he never did. I think he may have better on his team and went to celebrate or something. I was disappointed because I really wanted to hang out with him today.

Anyway does his behavior seem a bit odd? He is ALWAYS looking up game updates on football teams it's starting to get under my skin.


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  • Gambling can become an addiction just like cigarettes or heroin. Just because you gave him an ultimatum doesn't mean he's going to quit, a lot of people end up in rehab for it. Him not communicating as much could be because he's trying to hide it now.

    • Deep down I feel that's the case. I already know what I have to do but it's going to be hard...

    • The right thing to do is never easy. I had to break up with a girl I dated since I was 16 because she got addicted to oxycontin and wouldn't go to rehab. Best thing to do is try to have an intervention with the family if they're willing, but I can't guarantee that will change anything

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