What should I do a girl gives me annoyed look?

I like a girl in my class so I have gazed at her for 3 weeks I have not even smiled at her. in between she looked aT me like some what annoyed and said to her friend that "has no work left for me instead of gazing her" i was hurt so I thought let's control and not gaze at her that day she was looking at me I didn't gaze at her even a single time but today I lost my control and saw at her just a single time she again turned like that. is she not interested in me? she checks me frequently for gazing. but now what to do?

Also pls keep in mind that this is india.

  • nothing leave her
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But I like her. I want her as a friend
Next day she was looking at me with a sm ile but I don't know the smile was for me or for her sweet face I have resisted gazing even looking at her as she gets hurt


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  • Social boundaries man, gazing feels like staring if you're on the receiving end of it. Maybe invest in a pair of blinkers. Leave her be.


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  • Stop annoying her😏

  • You are staring at her. Stop that. She doesn't like you.
    You cabt have her as a friend if she isn't interested


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  • Buttercup her. Fart into your hand (cup your hand) and then place the cupped hand in her face. She will appreciate the buttercup big time and you'll be in.

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