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The problem is that I dated this other guy before and we had a thing going off/on for about two years. He wooed me in with false promises and half truths and I fell for it. And so did the other two girls he was seeing at the same time.
Thankfully he's out of my life now, but he's left me with this innate sense of distrust and insecurity in my confidence to date. Short term stuff is ok because that's never going to go anywhere but I'm seeing this guy and it's going on three months now and everything with this new guy is going well. But for some reason I can't stop focusing on the bad things... that to be honest aren't that bad. Like he doesn't text me... well he does. He replies within 5-10 minutes of me texting him and will message if he wants to hang out but sometimes it can go 3 -4 days with no contact from him. I don't want to be the one to always initiate contact.

So this is literally the only problem that I have with this new guy but it keeps bringing all these feelings of insecurity and "Does he actually want to be with me?" when he's just busy at work.
I don't bring this up to him because it just feels so petty and small and feels like it would make me look super clingy when I'm really not. I like having my own space and stuff, I just want to feel like I'm wanted?

Can someone please offer some suggestions to get over this so I don't potentially ruin stuff?


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  • It is bad he does not take some initiative. It may not be a deal breaker. That is up to you. Your 30-35, so if you desire to be married, better pick someone soon. If friends with benefits is your goal, then no big time worries.
    If we were dating or married to me you would get smothered with attention... but I'm a sex addict. I'd use you as my drug throughout the day to make my penis hard with precum.
    Now ma'am, I'm not trying to be nasty. But if we were in Wal-Mart I'd sit you down on my lap on one of their benches in the middle of the store, French you some, stroke you and fondle your breasts. Maybe try to stick my hand between your legs if you had on skirt. You would make my penis hard or 'half ass' hard for a 60 year old and give me wet pants. If I get bored shopping I'd to do this for maybe 10 or 15 minutes. I'd do it anywhere for that matter... fishing, sport games taking a walk in the park. I got ADD, get bored very easy so what better to do when bored than to enjoy my girl and get a hard on!
    I would not text you since I don't like to text nor do I have a smart phone. But you could email me and I could call you 5 or 8 times a day and leave you a message. I could sext you numerous times a day if you were into that and I had a smart phone. When you would come home I could massage your feet, fondle and kiss you, do whatever you like with my tongue, fingers and sex tool. Maybe even dick if it is cooperating. (Abused it since age 9, so it needs some breaks at 60.) If I couldn't sleep I'd start fondling and enjoying you some more at 4 am.
    So the point is... we all have different abilities in showing attention. I have high natural abilities for day and night attention. But you must take the good and the bad with me. If I was not a sex addict, I would not bestow all this attention on a gal unless she was being used as my drug. So you may want a more relaxed guy than me and just accept you can't have it all ma'am. Good luck!


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