Did this date workout for a reason?

I had secretly been thinking about asking this girl out. I hadn't told anyone but eventually decided not to since wr work in the same building at college. However shortly after I had 3 separate people thay don't rally assoiciate with each other approach me and say "I should ask her out" or that "we'd be cute together". Not she most likely didn't talk to them as I am closer with these people. It just so happened that the week before she had just stopped seeing someone. I asked her out and she said yes. It's just really strange how it all worked out?


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  • See how how it goes before you decide if fate was involved, or just bored gossipy workmates who will all be discussing everything about your relationship, especially if the date doesn't go well, or you break up later!

    Beware of work relationships, in general, for all the above reasons!


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