Is it normal for introverted guy to treat me like this?

He in school for engineering and I understand he's sometimes busy but why do I have to be the Friday girl lol. Like thats the only time we talk. He does message me and when I respond he calls me. And we catch up. This is most of the time. Some days it will be other days. But mostly Friday . I know he likes me and cares.


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  • From what i would say just from what you put sounds like he is super busy. I only say this because i have a friend who was an engineering major as well and if it wasn't the weekend we never saw or heard from him. Even then on the weekends we never saw him hardly. If during the break he talks to you more and you get together more take it that he is busy during the semester constantly studying / working on projects. If during the break nothing changes, he may be blowing you off.

    • I mean when he gets in town (he attends college 3 hours away) he hits me up and makes time for me and he takes me out. But im kinda selfish because I told him to have a good life and take care. He ignored me. But thanks your answer really helped.

    • Its ok to be selfish, but if you want this guy or really like him going to be on you to decide what you want to do next. Glad it helped and best of luck with everything.

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  • I used to do this to guys but it was back when I wasn't looking for a relationship and just wanted fun, I didn't have time for them cause I was more interested in my friends and didn't want to mixed the guys with them but this isn't what everyone who acts like that does so to know if he just want casual or something more your best off to ask him next time you see him cause people always have some time no matter how busy they are

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