I’m almost 18, my man is 21. I want to make him a powerpoint, but am unsure of what to include? Guys opinions most wanted, girls are welcomed?

Hey guys! So I am not sure what to include in this powerpoint for the guy I’m with (it’s long distance, he’s in the north part of the country and I am in the south part of the country). I was thinking of making the theme colors of it his two or 3 favorite colors. And maybe adding a couple of his favorite songs to it. But here’s the thing, he already knows how I feel about him. So I don’t think I should do an entire powerpoint being mushy gushy about how much I love him. Maybe I could say that I appreciate him and why? And he doesn’t think too fondly of himself (mainly his personality, physically he is confident), so I could also tell him some of the great things I see in him. Because he really is so much more than he knows. I was also thinking of adding some humor and playful teasing into it, because we do a lot of playful banter. He said before all he wants for Christmas is me in a red bow and but I don’t have a red bow unfortunately and can’t fly up to see him :p lol I know he loves rap music, but don’t know what artists he likes. But anyways, boys of all ages, what would you like to see included in the powerpoint if this was from your girlfriend? and girls, if you’ve done this before what did you include? Did your guy like it? Girls who haven’t done this before, what would you add or keep out?

I have been with him for a month and a half
Also, if not a powerpoint, what would you suggest to gift to him instead?


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  • I would put like some of the banners you guys have used and maybe like the road to love you guys have been on from the first day you met what has happened and up to maybe Christmas Day saying marry Christmas and explan just how totally in love you two are :)


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  • I like the idea. You seem to be on the right track. I would maybe make the power point a little more general about you two'a relationship and then send him a letter. Or maybe like a three part type deal with a letter first, that goes into great detail. Then a little bit later you could send the power point. Then after those two, go for a short but still personal video. Those three things all add up to one unique gift that I'm sure he's never relieved before. ^_^

  • send a video.. you can show your stuff like your school, best friends, pet, toilet bowl or anything.

    • lolol that's true :) I send him videos all the time but I suppose I could make a special one :)

    • well not really all the time, I have only sent him one last month and one a few days ago

  • Power point seems lame.

    • okay, what would you suggest?

  • You're going to make him a Powerpoint. Nice. Include nudes.


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  • A PowerPoint? Doesn't scream romance to me. And after just a month and a half? Add stuff you know he likes. Snapshots of your relationship, inside jokes... but after only a month and a half I don't know how much of that stuff you have to pull from.

    • lol oh you have no idea haha

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    • It's not like a school presentation, I do really goo enhancements and stuff to make them movie like

    • *good

  • Anything that can be done in real life being done over the Internet, to me, says to the person who's receiving your gift "Hey! I don't care about you a lot, but I kinda do, so here's something I threw together." That's just my opinion. I would always, always, always send something to someone through physical mail first before turning to the internet. Obviously, that's not always an option, so if you do decide to send him something through the internet, make sure it's good (quality-wise). Please don't pull something out your butt and throw it into a presentation.
    No one likes people like that.
    Anyway. Hope this helped! :D

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