What to do to make a guy want you to be his gf? Outside as inside?

Title says it all :) be honest please


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  • Well obviously men are mainly attracted to physical appearance, but it is your personality that will determine if he truly loves you or not. If you have self-respect, a man will give you respect. Fortunately, men are a lot more simple than women. All you need to do is take care of yourself physically and have a lady-like mentality. Remember don't give yourself up so easily to a man. Make him work for you, so he knows your worth. If you're easy, you will be just as easy to forget. I hope this helped.


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  • Just be myself, if a guy or girl likes me then cool, if they don't then that's cool. Always be yourself, what they see is what they get, nothing fake or misleading. I would expect the same from them too.

  • Outside: be healthy and take care of yourself
    Inside: caring, nice and funny

    That's what I've heard at least.

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