What does he mean by we are dating?

okay he told me we are dating but he still has a certain day he's gonna ask me out officially.. is this normal for guys to do this?


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  • Not normal at all. I usually go on dates with a girl for several weeks before I'd consider I'm "dating" her.

    • yeah he says that we are together just not official. that he has a certain day he wants to make ours. but he has already told me he loves me and his family told me that too. but also they said he's scared, he hasn't been in a serious relationship in over 4 years.

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  • That's what my current boyfriend did. Just be patient. (;

    • yeah thats what he keeps saying. that for me not to worry that he'll ask me out, and i'll know when the day is.. so im thinking Christmas. lol. i just hope he's not playing me or something.. but i dont think he is, since i do things with him and his family! and his family told me he loves me.

    • It sounds promising. (: good luck! (: