Hanging out with this girl this weekend, need a good bottle of chardonnay?

I'm going to be hanging out with this girl this weekend one on one. We've hung out a few times before always one on one and get along great. Since its end of her first semester of college and end of finals, we are getting together to share a bottle of wine since she loves wine. I'm not real familiar with wine so I need some help. Her favorite is chardonnay, which she describes as a sweet buttery flavor. What would be a good bottle to get?


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  • She's a freshman in college she won't know the difference between good and bad.

    Shit I know I sure as fuck don't.

    • She did a few years at a community college first. She's 24 like myself and knows wine.

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  • Different brands tend to be available depending on where you live.

    Good value for what you spend in chardonnay can be found in wines from australia, california, south america.

  • Pft, fuck that, I'm definitely not one to ask.

    You could serve me a bottle of my own piss and I wouldn't be able to tell.