Couple dates in, but goodbyes just get more and more awkward?

I've gone out for a few dates with a really sweet guy from my college. We've really connected by talking during these few get togethers, but mainly by text in between. We've known each other for a few months now and have only met up individually a few times. Each time we have a really cute date, there's hardly any touching (probs because of the setting, sitting across from a table etc etc) except a quick foot brush or something along those lines.

However, once the date's over it gets really awkward. Like... we say our little goodbyes and I can tell we're both thinking "ok so like.. should be hug or kiss or what?" and nothing happens.

How should I go about fixing this for nextime? We're both home for the holidays now, so we probably won't be able to hang out until the new year anyways, but I just feel so awkward because this is certainly not his first relationship but it is mine, and I'm fairly unexperienced in the whole dating field.

Based on input from guy friends reading our texts and me explaining our little run-ins, he's definitely into me but possibly just a awkward/shy guy if that helps at all.

Help me outttt, any recommendations?

  • maybe he just sees them as hanging out
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  • ask him what's up with you two
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  • go in for a goodbye hug
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  • just kiss him
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  • stop texting him, ur done for
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  • If straight up kiss him is too bold for your taste, you might try to escalate the touching when you guys meet. Some guys need a pretty big hint.


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  • B and C sound good and you definitely have to do them.. about C though i am not sure bc if he is not ready for that things will get even more awkward.. so start off with the hug and ask him what he feels about you two and then you see how things go.. i think that you should save the kiss for later when you are more sure about his feelings and where you stand.. good luck:)