How soon is too soon to be boyfriend and girlfriend?

I've been going on dates with this guy since the 14th of November (so for just over three weeks). I've seen him 4 times and he texts me everyday.

He has made it clear he really likes me, he treats me well, and I really like him back. He said he liked me from when he first saw me (he sort of di a double take aha) He asked me to be his girlfriend after two weeks but I said even though I wanted to that it was too soon. He's referred to me as his girlfriend as a sort of slip of the tongue twice when I've been with him. We have kissed a few times but only really like a goodnight peck.

I know he has had a lot of girlfriends although they were exclusive ones; he said he jumps into things quite quickly. He treats me like his girlfriend already which is nice but at first I felt like I didn't wanna be another one in a long line of girls.

I was hanging out (but not properly dating) with a guy friend just before I started hanging out with this guy who I have now cut off contact with. We never kissed but I told him I stated to like him before we argued. I feel kinda bad about him now and don't know whether to tell the new guy or not since nothing actually happened. Howvwer I was still talking to the guy friend up til recently though not seeing him.

I've never had a proper relationship before so I'm not sure how these sorts of things work. I don't want to wait too long and put him off but I'm well aware of the fact I only met him pretty much a month ago. Do you think its too soon? We have already said we're exclusive.

Any guy perspectives on this? x


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  • I don't think it's too soon. A few weeks can be enough to know he wants to give ot a shot.
    Saying he loves you, and or asking you to marry him would be too soon haha.
    But as far as relationships go, no. He just sees something in you

    • Thanks :) I guess I was worried that he might change his mind and it would be embarrassing if we broke up very quickly but I suppose that could happen anyway

    • Its about how fast me and my fiance were together before it was official. I kinda knew him before..
      But fast doesn't mean bad. If you really like him too, you go for it :)

    • That's encouraging that you're engaged now :) Congrats!
      But yeah I guess the difference is you knew him before. Yeah I do like him, I think I will very soon, maybe wait a couple more weeks unless I cave before haha

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  • Time is all up to the people involved. From what you're saying is that he makes fast decisions, and you slow and methodical ones. I see a lot of talking about this in your future with him.

  • when you think that you are able to handle a relationship in long terms and not for just fuck only.

    • im not in it for sex only

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    • Then go ahead. Many best wishes :) :)

    • thank you!! :)

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  • If you're exclusive, doesn't that mean you're already boyfriend and girlfriend? My boyfriend and I became exclusive after two weeks of dating but we knew each other for a year before we started dating

    • Well we worded it as exclusively dating but yeah I kinda realised after we said it that it was kind of the same thing. Yeah that's the thing, usually I woul know a guy a bit better first but I have only just met him so I know there's a lot I don't know. I suppose you knew your boyfriend quite well beforehand?

    • We said hello and stuff (we work together) but never in depth conversations till we started dating

    • oh okay well that's quite reassuring then thank you :)

  • I think whenever you're ready

    • I think I'm ready now I'm just scared and don't want to be too rash haha

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