Could him wanting me to meet his brother mean he's about to take the next step with me?

I've known this guy a year and we've had a little thing going on for 10 months. His truck broke last week and he had to take it to his brothers to work on it and he told me he wanted me to come help him, his brother was gonna be there so I wasn't really sure why he'd need my help. I had been to his brothers once before and stayed in the truck cause it was cold and was never introduced to him, so this time when we got there he ran out to my car and his brother says to me I don't know why he didn't say anything last time you were here and he introduced himself and I did the same. It was so weird that he knew it was me there the last time and he kept smiling at me weird like he def knew there was more between him and I than just friends. We've not really said if we are bf/gf or what yet so he told him he was gonna bring a friend. As soon as I told him my name he got in a big hurry and had to get in the house and a few moments later came out texting on his phone. He didn't get his truck done that day so we had to go back yesterday and finish it. The brother kept talking I me about his dogs and his one was allergic to corn and I told him mine was too and stuff so it was cool and his brother is so nice. I've been trying to get him to meet my brother but it's just never worked out, the one time he had to take a shower before and said he'd be 10 min and it was at least an hour before we left and my brother fell asleep before we got there and the other time he fell asleep, thought I was gonna wait fr him but when he woke up i was about to leave my brothers. We have been getting closer lately, I've always been able to tell he cares for me but now it's different but in a good way. By him wanting me to come to his brothers like that could that mean he's getting ready to be thinking of being bf/gf? I've been seeing him almost every day of that 10 months and just recently have I been very nervous/nauseous just before I get there and something keeps sticking out about New Years.


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  • Could be. Meeting family is good