I'm worried for my best friend?

My friends been going out with this guy a year below her, he's quite immature and he's never had a girlfriend before, but she likes him. So I set them up, for a couple of days (4-5) they would just hug nothing else. Then I and his friends teased and said 'what is this a relationship or what aha?' I said to him 'is it true you want more than JUST hugging?' he said 'yh' and I said to y friend 'I told you so, so kiss him already.' they kissed, but it was only a peck.

It was her and his first kiss and now they seem to be completely avoiding each other, she still really likes him, but he won't kiss, hug or hardly speak to her much anymore. me and my friends have tried to help her but he seems just not interested anymore. Most of my friends have said they agree that he no longer likes her and im worried for her.

The worst part is that he seems more interested in me than his girlfriend!! He will talk to me more than her and have this massive smile on his face when he talks to me and that makes me feel guilty.. What could I do to help her? do you think he's still interested in her?

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  • It sounds complicated!! He may like you but I think if he wasn't interested in your friend he would probably just dump her- especially if he's immature.
    Personally, I think he likes your friend but (because he's quite immature) he felt pressured into kissing her and didn't feel ready. Now, he's scared of being pressured into kissing her again. This isn't because he doesn't want to kiss HER, it's because he probably isn't ready to KISS her.
    He probably talks to you because you're close and you got them together- so he probably trusts you.
    If you're close enough talk to him about it, talk to your friend too. See what they both say. Good luck x

  • Umm he probably got embarrassed and she's just gonna have to move on