Scared of being in a serious relatinship?

I date but honestly its scary, Im not good at this girlfriend thing,, I've never had a boyfriend and im very independant and i dont know how to be that typical girlfriend, Im very strong and independant and im not like a bitch, i would love to have a boyfriend but the thought scares me because im so use to be alone and used to take care of only me.

The whole lovey dovey thing isn't me.

One of my girlfriends say im very boyish.. i mean i love my space so if i ever moved in with a guy i would like to have my own office and my own space.


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  • Girl, I don't really have any advice other than find someone who works well with the way you are! I'm the same way and when I date a guy who starts to seem clingy, i wig out! I don't do clingy well, I love my alone time! And I've yet to find a faithful guy who understands that.

    • Maybe im just to weird xD im 22 and never had a bf and the last guy i dated he said he liked me etc but wasn't looking for anything serious which is weird because than why not tell me that when we first began dating.. and waited after a month and a half.. i mean did he look at me as a gf material or not? and i know he was in a rel for 6 years and that he probably wasn't ready for anything new but still

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    • Nothing wrong with that. I'm 22 as well and I've only had 2 real boyfriends. Recently had a guy do that to me, though I called it off bc i felt like he wad leading me on. He'd be clingy then distant then clingy. And my 2 relationships lasted 2 years a piece but was a constant struggle bc they couldn't understand my need for my alone time. I was pregs the last time, i miscarried, but was more terrified of moving in with him and not being on my own with my me time, than I was being a mom. I knew I could be a mom, but a live-in gf.. not so much

    • You'll be okay, you'll find someone eventually who gets you completely and you won't have to look back and say you wasted time on one's who didn't

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  • There are guys out there like you. I used to be best friends with a guy exactly like that. You'll find someone who is the same way don't worry. Not everyone is clingy. I'm in the middle... I love cuddling with my bf & hanging out with him, but when I need my alone time, I don't mind telling him. One time he wanted to go to the mountains with me, but I said I wanted to go by myself & understood. People who care enough will most likely be understanding.

  • You're not scared, you're just not ready. Relationships are hard work but you should be generally excited to start one, not scared or worried or concerned. Just give yourself time.

    • Like i want one but than i dont at the same time because i see people who are so unhappy and im the kind of person who doesn't want to be with any random guy but he has to be someone i really can see myself being with for the rest of my life which sounds weird.. but i think girls now a day settle for anything

    • I felt just like you when I was in my early 20's. I guarded my heart so well bc I saw all my friends getting theirs broken. Now at age 29, I realize getting your heart broken is a part of life. Fail fast and forget about it bc you'll be better after it. You don't want to protect your heart so much that you never let anyone in. This year I met the love of my life and we're happy together. If my 20yr old self met him, I wouldn't have even considered him, but after all the heart break I went through in my 20's made me able to see a good man when he came to me.

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