Online dating. Where?

Tinder didn't work. beautiful people just lol, match com like only 6 to choose from... and two other dating sites total scam.


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  • I've tried a few, the dates I had never went anywhere. rsvp was ok. okcupid and plenty of fish were free, dated a feww girls from each, there weren't that many girls on there that I saw as dating material. Online dating isn't for everyone - I quit it before tinder ever arrived. I've heard of people also meeting on eharmony (but they reject you if you are a hardline/passionate/confident atheist)

    • I took ur advice, registered on okcupid. Out of 40 women that were near me I liked 5. Texted them, then realized 2 are fake, and one visited my profile but didn't bother replying to the message. and other two probably dont even use it anymore. Waste of time. I'm done with online dating gona go out meet girls in person;)

  • The only site that matters is beautifulpeople if you pass the initial process.

    • I'm on it. I even paid 17 pounds once for a month membership because one girl was checking me out that i liked and then she sent me a message. Guess what - Fake profile, they are dicks honestly, they get the money out of people like this:) And other couple of girls really just visited my profile and decided not to answer anything. It's a waste of time in my opinion. On eharmony there were 5 girls in total in like 50km radius. That was just lol... and all the getting in process...