Why do guys only see me in a sexual way? Just wanna get emotionally close for once.. How?

Known this guy for so long and I really like him and although he acts like he has feelings for me too, he refuses to say it so probably he doesn't? :( Also we do mention a lot of sexual things when talking, could this be the reason for the confusion?


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  • I want to make sure I'm understanding this question correctly. Are you saying this guy only sees you in a sexual way, but has no feelings for you?

    • Yeah, and I don't know if his 'sexual feelings' are coming across as actual feelings (if that makes sense haha)

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    • Ah, the age you're listed as threw me off.

      But yeah, sometimes people's emotions develop at different rates. It might not be he doesn't like you, it might just be that he isn't quite on the same level as you yet, and he's not ready to make a move.

      At least, that's what I usually say in a situation like this. The fact that he talks about sexual things with you a lot and comes across as being sexually interested in you despite his lack of emotional investment is a little concerning. I hate to see anyone get used for someone's physical desire when they were honestly emotionally invested.

    • haha how old did you think I was? & hmm yeah I hope that's it. He usually comes round to help me with maths because I suck! But I messaged him and he's ignoring me? Bearing in mind I only asked him what he thought last night!!
      But what you're saying is really useful, so thank you:)) but to be honest, most guys like me for sexual things more than others I think.. Maybe Im the problem? Think I have just as much testosterone hahaha

  • I need a little more here. How does he act around you? Is he an extrovert or introvert?

    • definitely extrovert.. Getting a bit personal here but we have even 'done things' if you know what I mean! He hugs me all the time, will touch my hand, kiss my neck, make jokes, watch movies but not say he likes me? Maybe he's just being friendly and I took it in the wrong way

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    • thank you, I've started to already haha, he;s still being sweet

    • We'll that was an easy answer...:)

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