So was she not interested after all?

Okay well, basically my best friend told this female friend of his to add me on Facebook without me knowing and so she did. She then started messaging me and was introducing herself and that. She seemed very interested with her use of flirty and cute messages with emojis and stuff. We had nice conversations every night for a week until she asked to meet up with me in the city for a coffee and meet in person. On that day, she didn't look as excited around me as she looked on our Facebook conversations. After that day, she stopped messaging me and she always messaged me first before, so then I decided to start messaging her first. But the conversations have now tended to lose flow and not look as happy as they were before. I was beginning to like the girl as well, it's kinda upsetting. And apparently she's seeing one of my other friends in town this week.

Kinda confused here... What do you think?


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  • It seems to me that she didn't think you were up to par with her standards.
    I've had the same thing happen to me dude. :(

    Not to worry dude, she's the one losing out.
    I've seen you around a lot on here. You're down to earth and you're chilled out.

    • Haha, this quite a while ago since I posted this! xD But yeah, you're definitely right. But hey, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it. :)

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    • After all this, I just stopped talking with her for good, so I've moved on already. ;)

    • Good to hear bud! c:
      She's just a burden, only gonna weigh you down and keep you back.
      Good decision, chap!

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  • Seems like you didn't pass when you had a date with her. You know, not building any attraction. So what did you do exactly when you two were dating?

    • Hmm, I see. Nothing special really, just met at Starbucks and walked around the city park.

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    • Oh man... what a loss. Though I feel she's gonna come back. But this time, back off a bit and avoid initiating conversations - I mean seriously, you must disappear.

    • Okay, thank you for your time to answer my question.