TWO GUYS! Which one should I go for?

Guy 1:
Been seeing him for over 5 months, still not official yet
When texting topic always revolve around sex
Brown eyes
Black hair
Emotional unstable
I have strong feelings for this guy

Guy 2:
Know him recently (2 months)
Not outgoing, but very friendly once being approached
Hate texting
Blue eyes
Light brown hair
600 Instagram followers (well seem like chances of him being a player is not low)
I have a huge crush on this guy, he flirts back too

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You need friends in real life.

    • Ughhhh they're in my college. :/

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    • Lol why?

    • Poor communication of course! He'll only partially listen :p

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What Guys Said 5

  • If you ahve to ask, probably should choose neither and move on to a new guy.

  • Drum rollllllllllllll... NEITHER

  • An emotionally unstable 6'2 guy. Sounds like an Oozaru. No way.

  • oh god okay if height matters that much to you. Guy 2 but i really hope you aren't going for this guy just because of height. you will end up being dissapointed.

    And the stereotype goes on. "bitches love the height"

    • Out of a bunch of things I listed height is only the thing that get your attention. Well that explains your height enough ironically. Work your butt of instead of being a jealous bastard. Keep on hating people that are taller than you and you shall always smell their armpit.

      by the way guy 1 is taller than guy 2 in case you don't know how to read.

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    • Oh trust me i think ill be fine. Its amazing how many tall guys i beat out with personality alone and lucky for me its usally the girls im sexually attracted 2. God thank you for this height for allowing me to avoid bitches like you on a daily basis. This is why i will always feel bad for tall dudes they get all the shittiest people no wonder they always end up divorced lmao.

    • Oh i didn't even notice the instagram section. LMFAO!!! YOU JUDGED HIM ON FOLLOWERS LOOOOL!!! i can't stop laughing omfg.

  • neither of them O_o
    if you have to ask us which you should pick based on a list you have made, you don't deserve either


What Girls Said 3

  • i Vote guy 2 because if the topics always revolve around sex, he wants something from you that isn't just your personality

    • I see. I agree, but one question I'm always wondering though. He's pretty popular at school if he just want sex why spend 6 months seeing me? Why not just go bang some chick out there that's willing to sleep with him for free?

    • because he wants YOUR sex. Not someone elses. GUys are messed in the head

  • I would go for number 2. You've been seeing guy number one for a few months and you're still not exclusive yet, it could be a year before he decides to be. Plus he's emotionally unstable.

    • Yeah that's what bother me the most about him... he's just sooooo emotionally unstable :/

  • Lol at the way you described both of them

    • That's the best way i could come up with. Both physically and mentally.

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    • Nope, if you think it's dump then it's your problem not mine.

      Anyway I don't know how I like more that's why I asked, duhhh.

    • Why do you have to ask use who do you like more
      How are we suppose to know

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