How do I confront this girl online without being a total jerk about it?

I know her from real life , we live in same small town and her parents live down the street from me , she's away at school now but we used to talk a lot and hung out some weekends together at local bars. whats frustrated me about things as she completely ignores me online and won't respond to anything I send or add me to any of her social media sites but we talk a lot in person and she said she likes being friends with me. so I'm confused about the whole thing. I want to like ask her what she's hiding from me online or exact reasons she refuses to add me as I though we were close friends or at least friends. but don't want to come across as a jerk just want to know whats going on here? I think she might be hiding something from me that's posted on her profile or she posted but not sure what


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  • she's probably either hiding that she's with another guy, has kids, orrrrrrr she dosnt want the sparkle of always meeting in person to leave anymore. that everything is direct. that when u call her pretty its there in the moment. thats a beautiful thing, dont over think it!
    ASK HER! if your that curious!!
    good luck!
    lots of love~

    • she definity doesn't have a kid , not sure if she's seeing anyone or not at college there could be a bf. but during summer she she'd ignore me she was single so don't think that was any secret to keep. but would you agree since we are friends in real life , its within my right to at least know whats going on here? and get a better understanding of how she she's our friendship and how to communicate with each other. how I'm suppose to be friends with someone who ignores me online yet talks to me in person?

    • sorry some spelling errors in there - 3rd line from bottom suppose to say how she views our friendship

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  • Just ask her what's she's hiding.

    If you're too afraid to do that then you should say something like "Hey let me add you on Facebook/instagram/twitter (whatever else she might have), how do I find you?" She can't ignore it then unless she wants to confess or blatantly lie

    • that's what I want to do just not sure i'll get any answer , were talking about 100% ignoring going on here never got a single reply and she wouldn't add me to her Facebook last year or her Twitter more recently. so not sure i'll get any response no matter what I send her

    • That's why you should say that to her next time you see her in person. She can't avoid it then

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