How do I know if he likes me or loves me

I am dating this guy. How do I know if he really like me or loves me.


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  • If you are dating him, he likes you.


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  • If you know about the other people in his life, have met his friends, know his phone numbers or email address- he likes you.

    If he takes care of you when you're sick, does thoughtful things for you, brings you presents when it's not a holiday (but not too often), he loves you.

    Also, Betty Everett sung it best "It's in His Kiss"


What Girls Said 1

  • He likes you for sure if you are dating. Now depending on how long you've been dating for he could love you or not. You can't just automatically love someone just because you date them. It takes time. If it has only been a short time you two have been dating, then you probably shouldn't ask him if he loves you. Now if it's been a considerate amount of time, though, if you feel that way about him maybe you should ask him if he feels the same way.

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