Why do I always expect the best, then end up disappointed?

So basically there's a guy I've been casually hooking up with. Supposedly he likes me a lot, and talks to his friends about me. And I spent the night with him the other day, and in the morning I went home then I remembered he said he doesn't usually go for girls like me, it's mostly been the same type of girl (like his ex). and now that I think about it... he basically admitted I'm not his type. So basically I'm just a lay.

Does that sound about right to you?

Why do I think things are going great and then I actually sit back and think about it, and realize it's too good to be true? I hate dating. there's no point in trying anymore.


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  • there's a lot of guys who are ass holes, the hardest part is to know whos playing a game, and whos really nice.

    I think the problem in your case is that you are way too emotional and dont listen enough to your head, and go too fast with your heart. Im almost the complete opposite ( wich is not better). Im kinda scared of dating because I know there's a sh*t tons of bitches in this world, and im afraid of dating one and making a mistake and ending up with a broken heart. So, I litteraly never date before knowing the girl s personality. ( wich happened once and still failed ). Thats also 1 of the reason why I want to go to korea, less bitch, more nice girl ( sorry for generalizing).

    Long story short, you need to find a good balance between emotion and realism, wich is hard. Try to know the guy way better before getting engaged, or going further with the guy. If he's putting too much pressure on you, there's good chances that he just want to sleep with you, in that case, NEXT!

    • That's a perfect way of describing it. Thank you for this, I'll definitely remember that next time. I don't know why I lead with my heart, when I like someone I'm very giving and loyal. and its seems that this guy goes for girls that end up hurting him in the end, he doesn't go for the right girls. and the guys I like don't like nice girls like me :/

      If he pressures me? in what way?

    • Thats great that you are very giving and loyal, most of the nice guys like me dont ask for more from a nice girl. Too bad they friendzone us 99% of the time haha. But if you are looking for a nice guy, maybe you are dating at the wrong place. Most nice guys never go to clubs, the best way to date them is at school, or being lucky ( online), grocery store etc... So the guys you like are maybe not interested because they are jerks. Close to 0 nice guys would be turn off by a nice girl.

      It goes like that : rich

    • heeeee, I dont know why it posted only half the things I said, but anyway, it was not important. By pressure I just meant that if you see he looks like he really want to sleep with you ( ask you to come at his place, makes subtile allusions etc...) There is a good chance he just want to have sex with you. Like I said, just be more carefull and listen more to your head, and things will go way better for you :) Use what happened as a lesson. And feel free to ask me If you have any other questions :) Ill be more than happy to help !

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  • Hello :)

    Please don't be jaded. I know this sounds extremely cliche but there are plenty of guys out there that would give their right nads to be with you. Everyone, even Victoria Secret models go through heart break and rejection. It is a part of life. Hey at least he admitted it before it went further, therefore breaking your heart even more.

    You are going to meet plenty of guys like that. The trick is, to not let it get to you personally because it is not you. I mean for goodness sakes, I give my heart and soul to a guy myself and he prefers a chick with a kid and a pot belly and a shorty. Some guys are into that. NOthing wrong with that but I guess people can't help who they are attracted to. Like my mum says: " everyone has a type of person already drawn in their heads".

    So can I encourage you to not give up? Hope you feel better.
    What you can do now is be the fiercest bitch there is.