What do you consider damaged goods?

I've heard the term damaged goods said a lot recently but am not entirely sure what it means.

I guess the closest example if I'm right for me is some girl I dated last year ended up using me as a rebound and she ended up ditching me for the ex she complained about. I then found out she'd been dating this guy on and off over the past 5 years. Between dating him on and off, she'd ALWAYS be dating someone else and then when she broke up she'd complain about how guys are assholes.

Before I started dating this girl, I met her off POF, she sent me nudes before meeting me. She said she's worried I'd ignore her if she didn't send nudes. I then found out she had nudes on reddit which I guess she posted one of them after a breakup. She also manipulated me into thinking she wanted a relationship. She said shit like wanna talk, i love hearing your voice. I wanna be with a tall, funny, cute , sweet guy now, wanna be with a tall, funny, cute, sweet girl? Once I returned the feelings, she ditched me and had the nerve to say why can't I find any nice guys with tattoos, is that too much to ask for?

Would you consider a person like that damaged goods?


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  • That sounds horrible!

    Anyway, I am damaged goods, so essentially anyone who is so mental and beyond that they can't be dated safely.

    • Why do you consider yourself damaged goods?

      Yeah dating this girl was a mistake. I was naive to what a rebound was, had a dry spell for 10 months and she was the first girl I dated that I was simultaneously was very attractive and had a lot in common with me plus her saying those things got me attached,

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    • Think terrible mental illness combined with terrible experiences that have left a long-lasting mark.

    • Gotcha. I think the fact that said girl in the question has dated this guy on and off has left a long lasting mark and might have led to her taking it out on me.

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  • I wouldn't call her damaged goods. I'd call her just a straight up b****. That's just me, though. Any girl who acts like that just wants the attention without the commitment. They're not worth it.

    • I have enough shit on her to ruin her.

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  • My friend told me the same story a while back about this girl that would say the same stuff "why can't I find a nice guy" lol, and she acted the same way you described

    • Yeah people like that don't know what they want. It's like when they get a nice guy at first they might be sweet to them but once the nice guy genuinely cares, they pass them up for someone who treats them like shit and the cycle continues. I don't really say this, but these type of people are also known as cunts.

    • Yes and its even worse when they fuck over a "nice guy" by cheating on them or something, so hard to trust women these days lol. Just gotta be wise and careful and hopefully find the right one.

    • Yeah which is why I play it by ear and don't expect anything. Not to sound like a pessimist but usually expectations in terms of dating lead to disappointments. It was interesting, when I was in college, this student from Africa said that in his country when girls like you, they are straightforward and in America, they lead you on and play games. Not that all do it but it's very common

  • More like f$cked up in the head.

    • And a cunt

    • She also asked to go to my house on the first date and was scoping out my family photos and then when I told her my parents would like to meet her she flipped and said I was moving too quick which was bullshit because if I did any of the shit she did to me, it'd scare a girl off quick.