What do you think this girl I know from real life is hiding from me online?

this is a weird situation to try and explain but basically I know this girl from real life , she's from same small town and lives down the street from me and we talk in person and have hung out at local bars several times in last year or so. and seemed to get along and she seems to enjoy taking to me and I do feel were friends . but she is also doing college and sometimes away from town for long periods when I don't see her.

I feel our in person time is genuine but have been having a next to impossible time trying to get anything out of her online , she won't add me to her Facebook or Twitter and won't even respond to anything I send to her. so very confused as to whats going on and came to conclusion she is hiding something from me online , either its posted to her profile or its pictures online of her , there has to be something she really doesn't want me to ever see. but I'm not sure what it is as we know each other fairly well and live close by. any thoughs on what she might be trying to keep from me?


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  • So, it's possible she doesn't want you on her Facebook for a reason. But, a little story. When I was a kid growing up, I was poor and bullied by a bunch of kids I went to school with. During the summer my siblings and I didn't have any so called friends so we would spend the summers with some of the neighbor kids who just so happened to be some of the kids that bullied us in school. They didn't have a problem with us when the bell rang, but when school was back in session we were nothing but a bunch of losers that they wanted nothing to do with. They hid their alliance with us so they wouldn't be bullied or harrassed for hanging out with us. I hope this make sense to you. This is truly just a guess, I have no idea what is going on because I am not there. Hope you figure it out.

    • i get what your saying , not sure it applies to this situation but it might , she doesn't really have a lot of friends here and at bar didn't seem to know a lot of people and its possible she didn't have anything else to do last summer . some of her friends are at college she goes to in another city and I've never really meet them. but at same time our bar outings have been very public and people know were friends so why hide me from facebook?

    • That is a question you need to ask her. If this is a really important issue for you then you need to ask her, and not anyone on this site. She is the only one who can give you the answer you are looking for.

    • I'm going to try and ask her online but not sure I'm going to get any reply from her. as I've never once got any reply from her on social media. I just though people on the site might from experience have an idea what someone might want to keep hidden that is online from people they know.

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  • I've been on the same situation with the girl, what I was trying to hide was my long distance bf, my old ugly pics, she might tweet about you, or she just doesn't feel close enough with you to share all of those. Those are the reasons I could think of.


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  • That's really weird and hard to explain. Are you sure she has an active online life?

    • I know for sure she has 3 social media accounts on the 3 most popular sites instagram, Twitter and Facebook as to how often she uses them not sure. I don't have an instagram account so never tried to contact her there. I have in past tried on Facebook but never got a reply from her and she wouldn't explain why she wouldn't add me. I also tried to tweet her on Twitter but got no reply and her account is set up that I need to request to follow her so did that but never heard back , her Twitter page does say she has sent out 1000 tweets and been a member since 2010 so she does use it for sure

    • Yeah, then she uses Twitter very much. It's really weird. The only explanation I could find is that she didn't have an active online life. I'm not really sure. Maybe she just likes to talk to you personally.

    • she definity has access to the internet and uses it so don't think that's the issue. I do agree its possible she likes to see me more in person than online but why completely cut me off online and then turn around and talk to me in person. there must be something really bad on her profile she doesn't want me to see is all I can think of , but I already know she likes to drink a lot and party and been some other guys so really not sure what it could be

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