Hmm... does he like me? Or not?

So I used to like this guy at my school and when he found out he made it clear that he didn't like me. Now a month and a half later he is acting different. When anybody says my Name in class he immediately turns around and looks at them. Then sometimes in class I'll catch him looking at me and when I look up he looks away and blushes a little. And the other day (Friday I think) we saw him at lunch with his football friends. He was in the other line and he was looking straight at me. My friend pointed it out and she noticed that his friends were nudging him and laughing and stuff. He blushed and laughed and shook it off. Do you think he likes me now? And he's kinda shy so how can I talk to him and become close friends with him? Thanks! Oxoxo


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  • Make him know that you are still interested like if he stares at you smile at him, little things like that, it sounds like he could like you, but might be nervous because he told you he didn't like you.