Is this a good date idea, or too childish?

I'm going out with a now 30-year-old. He isn't a professional golfer or anything, and I suggested maybe glow-in-the-dark bowling or mini-golf. He told me he hadn't done anything glow-in-the-dark in ages, and was enthusiastic about going.

Now, I want to do mini-golf:

But when I looked at this site, it seemed geared to younger people... although on most days, the place is open til 10pm and on Saturday it's open til midnight. When I contacted a location they told me:

The Putting Edge caters to all ages. The age of the crowds vary depending on what time and day you visit. In general, weekdays are a mix of people varying in age from toddlers to seniors, Friday and Saturday nights are mostly teens and adults, and Sundays are mostly families with children and adults. The mini golf course itself has been designed to be appealing people to all ages.

Do you think this is a bad date idea? I don't want to place myself and another adult in the midst of an immature crowd. I've been to one of their mini-golf courses before, and the actual place itself is fine... but I went when I was working at a childrens' summer camp, so I don't know what the crowd is like on a regular evening.

Take a look at the website, maybe, and let me know what you think? Thanks so much!


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  • Mini Golf is ALWAYS an awesome date idea. Trust me, it doesn't matter how old you are it is still fun! You probably want to aim for a Friday/Saturday night though to avoid the families.


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