Christmas Relationship Challenge Questions?

My bf and I are going to be on opposites sides of the country this Christmas and I've decided to get creative with his Christmas gift by sending him on a little scavenger hunt as away to have Christmas together while apart. (Don't worry I'm not being a meany and taking him away from his family, he can complete it at his own pace, but trust me he wants to) At times he has to email me responses to challenge questions.

So far the questions I have are:
1) a story time one where he has to tell me a story about himself (I already know his famous Christmas memory)

2) naughty or nice challenge: I want to see him being both in a singular photo

3) what he'll do to me when I get back if I give him the next piece (on a piece of the puzzle he def will want)

4) dreaming for the future what is he dreaming about for next month? Next year? 5 years? And 50 years?


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  • No 3 is deffo Anal! lool jks


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  • What are you asking?

    • For more question suggestions