If I were to get him something for Christmas, what should it be? First time getting a guy something for Christmas please help!?

Hello there! Um this guy and I have been dating (unofficially still... didn't want to rush things) and well Christmas is coming up. I was thinking maybe I should possibly get him something? But I have no idea what to get him. He's 17, plays basketball, loves classic metal ( ACDC, Whitesnake, etc.) He also loves Colorado and snowboarding. My friend said i should get him a teddy bear that has his favorite perfume and then spray the bear with mine, but ehhhh I don't think he's a stuffed animal type guy lol. What should I get him? Should I do something creative? Any advice will help thank you :)


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  • well im a snowboarder myself and I love it. I suggest something in that category

    • but it also depends on your price range and what snowboarding items he already has

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