I used to like him but now I don't?

So I liked this guy. We started texting (and eventually dating) and from there on I started losing interest. Let me just point out that im in 7th grade. Okay so, even though I get really embarrassed and try to deny that he's my boyfriend, and sometimes can't figure out what I see in him, when I see him talking to other girls I get unbelievably jealous. And over the weekend we went on a double date with his best friend and one of my friends. On the date, he held my hand part of the time. I didn't really get sparks, but it felt RIGHT. I hugged him at the end, and I liked it. However, no "sparks" happened. Im more attracted to him when he is unattainable, like when we are Facetiming, or when I'm looking at him across our science classroom. I will point out that in emelemtry school I was that girl that all the boys (at least said) thought was disgusting. Im kind of average but I have a really extreme personality, and a lisp. I have some zits. I have a lot of friends (around 40) and am really outgoing around them. However, when I'm around him (even on Facetime) I'm much quieter. Can someone please explain to me why im getting mixed signals FROM MYSELF? And also please tell me how I truly feel about him, and that kind of thing.

Meggie :)

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  • I went through the same thing with my boyfriend for about a month! Now I'm positive that I love him 8 months later. I figured out that the reason I was so on and off about my feelings towards him is because I was scared to make the commitment as it was my first boyfriend, so I was siking myself out finding things that didn't feel right etc. I don't know if that's the same for you though!

    If you aren't fearful, then maybe you just aren't into this guy as much as you want to be. You probably like him enough to have this attraction and jealousy, but it's not enough to truly keep you interested. I say give it a little while longer, going on dates etc and if you still don't feel a great amount of interest when it's just you two then you may have to leave him :( Those dates may show you that you're just in it for the chase, which is very common so don't feel bad!

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