Told my girlfriend Iove her got a bad reaction?

She told me accidently a few days through text. We've been together like two years now. I told her I love her and she was typing forever and she just responded saying j didn't expect you to see that j took a screenshot. I asked if she said anything before that and then just took a while to respond and said it too but I don't think she originally said anything. Feel like a little b1tch.


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  • I'm confused. You're 18-24, been together for two years, and it's hard to say "I love you"? Doesn't that typically happen around the 3-4 month mark?

    • I don't know I figured I always showed her just never said the word.

    • Maybe she doesn't believe you? Maybe she only thinks you're saying it because she did.

      Y'all are old enough to be better at communicating. You shouldn't TEXT somebody that you love them, you should say it to their face. Whisper it in their ear. Kiss them and embrace.

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