What are some different signs that guys like a girl?

What are some different signs that guys like a girl other than him texting and stuff like that? Trying to get a better idea about a guy I like. He hasn't flat out said he likes me but it definitely seems like he does.. we have spent like 5 days together so far and we get along really well. We've made out and stuff but thats about it, nothing more. I saw him this whole weekend and it's been really awesome. Just wondering if there are any other signs he may like me.


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  • The fact that you made out should be a pretty big start and clue. Other then that the biggest signs are in my opinion, how many other women is he talking to or is it just you? Does he talk to you over other people if you go out in public or with friends? Is he constantly making eye contact with you or checking you out? Other ones depend on the guy. If he's a confident take control guy is he constantly trying to impress you or get you to laugh? If he's more laid back and reserved is he usually pretty quiet but intentive to what you are saying? Is he the shy kind of nervous and shakey around you? All would be signs he probably likes you.

    • thanks that was really helpful!

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  • Firstly, the fact that he's spending so much time with you is a HUGE sign. Next, making out with you :) From personal experience, before my boyfriend told me he liked me he would spend hours Facebook messaging and snapchatting with me, he would ask me so many questions to get to know me, compliment me, ask to hang out a lot, tease me A LOT in a flirty way. I'm sure this guy likes you :)

    • Yeah definitely! That helped a lot! :) Unfortunately he leaves for break on Thursday until January 10th or something so hopefully I can see him before that. Kinda nervous about him being gone for that long seeing as he hasn't told me if he legit likes me. Any advice as far as that goes? I don't want him to like disappear on me or lose interest haha

    • Aw hopefully you can! I'd say just keep showing him how much you're interested him etc and keep in contact while he's away :) I'm not really one to say I like you to a guy first but if you're confident enough that might be a good idea! But if he likes you enough as it seems he does he won't forget about you, don't worry :P