Am I the only one who doesn't like dates?

Am I the only one who doesn't like dates? I've only been on a date once in my 21 years and I hated it. It was the movies, I hate the movie theatre already but dates and movies? How the hell are you going to get to know someone!!! Is it weird that on a "date" I'd rather do something spontaneous, and adventurous or go to a concert or rave?

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  • No you're not the only... i don't like dates either XD


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  • At first you sounded logic about going on a first date to the movies but now you're talking about a rave or concert? Honey are you okay? The whole point is the bonding time, speaking, getting to know each other! Start using your brain often so you can learn and enjoy a real date with someone real.

    • If you only realized there's many ways to get to know people, & many have different ideas of how a date is to them. Don't knock me down because I'd rather not spend money on a movie I don't want to see or an overpriced dinner I could cook at home & would taste better. & a rave or a concert is a bad thing? Getting to know someone from the start:
      #1 a common taste in music
      #2 You can actually have a conversation
      Answer me this, How are you supposed to talk to someone in a movie theatre? You can't! & it's pointless
      Instead why not find a movie rental you guys both like & watch it in a private setting, you can talk all the hell you want.

      Thank you for your opinion

    • I guess you can't read good or my opinion was misunderstood, I meant that you sounded logic about not wanting to go to the theaters because of obvious reasons honey. There's no need to get defensive you're on a social network if you haven't notice; expect any type of comments. Yes you can cook in the kitchen anywhere you like but tell me this on a concert/rave how the hell are you going to have a conversation? With speakers or what? Because the point can be completely taken at first by wanting to go to a concert to hear this type of music right? Learn how to respond and pay attention with what has been said. Have a great night

    • I guess it was the wording or grammar formation that I misunderstood in the first sentence.

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