Ladies am I dateable would u date me?

I am 26 6 ft tall 150 lbs have brown hair and eyes kinda losing my hair still a virgin a little anti social or shy slim body type very honest person very laid back person never gst in fights or arguements easy going perskn mostly a home body but don't mind going out to the movies play pool or bowling live in a apartment building with roommate have a car work as a security guard at plant hotels and colleges make about 12,000 a year typically a nice guy finsh last just have not cross the finish line yet so girls would u date me?


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  • i'm confused, a question you asked 2 days ago said you had a girlfriend

    • Sometimes i feel like she too good for me and have had people say she out of my league. I guess i have low self esstem and a little stress out right now.

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    • But i do usally meet girls at bars

    • I don't see why you would be wondering this, you have better luck than many on this site

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  • Jesus lawrd.