Guys & girls, have you ever felt like this before? Please please please help?

So I've been talking to this guy a little over a year now. Recently we had a little fallen out over a pass relationship. To make a long story short some how some way my ex and the current guy knows each other, funny thing is they both live in two different states so I just think that's hella weird and strange.

Anyways, after our fallen out I stopped texting him because that added fuel to the fire because he started to lack communication with me (daily convos, texts, phone calls.. etc). So now he apologized and want to start up where we left off. But I'm just a little unsure about things

What should I do?
*please help me :)


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  • If you have feelings for him and don't want to lose him then yes you should accept his apology and proceed with getting things back to how they were. If he's not *that* important to you and you don't see the two of you ever getting somewhere seriously or view him as a potential life partner then it's time you keep things how they are now and tell him you're not interested anymore. It's normal to be unsure of things but it's time you look at things from a long term perspective. Is he worth it? Ask this to yourself and then decide.

    • I still do have feelings for him, like a lot. After fall out and we reconnected again he was saying that he wanted to make it official after he met my mother. My concern is I wonder what him and my ex were talking about

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