Should I Tell him I like him and should I ask him if he likes me?

Okay well... I just don't know I really like him and I'd rather stay just friends with him... But the thing is that what if he actually like me? Plus I'm not so sure because there's this girl that told him ( the guy thatbiblike obviously) that she thinks he's cute and whwnevr they talk she feels like he's gonna kiss her, and he just laughed at her and said okay.

So yeah i don't know if I should ask him, I walked with him home today and I noticed 3 things. 1) He didn't walk with his friends, he decided to walk with me. 2) He was asking me why I never messages him on Facebook anymore, which I stopped doing because I thought he thought it was annoying. 3) Before I left he wanted a hug from me and said he was giving me a tootsie roll for Christmas, which was so weird...

Anyways yeah. But I'm scared that he just might turn me down, I need an answer if he likes me and how id ask him if he likes me without ruining our friendship


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  • Then don't be direct, do it in a passing careless comment to imply that you like him or if he likes you
    Or say that there is a rumour going round that he fancies you and ask if it's true
    It seems as though he likes you, and if he is your friend that's the most comfortable situation to be in
    Texting for guys helps a lot


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