Does he want to have a real date or just a hookup?

I met this guy on Friday at a bar and we talked and danced for a while (he was trying really hard) and in the end we kissed. Now I am going to have a date with him, but we are going to meet at my house.. I am feeling kind of ok about his intentions, because he immediately texted me that we should have a date and initially proposed a date during the day, but I could only meet up at night because of my work, and then he suggested to come over to my house. But does having a date at home mean it will be just sex? Or am I jumping to conclusions too quickly?


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  • That seems weird that he wants to come to your house if you haven't known each other hardly that long, and I hope he's not wanting sex with you. I'm not sure between date or hookup.

  • Good chance of sex. Any guy knows that proposing to meet up at someones house at night is code for sex. If he didn't want sex, he would have proposed to meet in a public location for a dinner date.


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