Does he just not want to buy me anything or what?

My bf has asked me what I wanted to Christmas. I've told him I don't know. Cuz honestly I don't know what I want cuz when I want something I go buy it myself. He went to a town near where we live and said he was gonna buy me something. But he never did. He said he didn't know what I wanted. I've men mentioned a few things to him before. I've told him j wanted another necklace. He gave me one last year but not to be mean it's kinda a shitty one. The chain breaks every once in awhile if it gets caught on something. I told him I want new end tables but we would probably have to pay together on those as they are expensive. Our 1 year anniversary of dating was in August. And ever since then things seem to change. He doesn't seem as loving and the sex has decreased. He says he hasn't cheated on me. But when I use to ask him he would say I've never cheated on u and I never will so get thay out of your head. But now when I ask him he just says no I haven't cheated on u. Then for the presents he said why don't we just not buy eachother anything. Since he doesn't know what I want but yet I've hinted to him before. Does he just not want to buy me anything or what?


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  • The present he gave you was "shitty" (your words), you keep asking him if he's cheating on you, & you're more concerned about him buying you something than him CLEARLY not being happy...
    Sort it out.

  • you're asking too often and maybe he's just gotten use to you being around so he want's more than sex in a relationship. unless you truly think he has cheated on you I would droop the subject as it can be quite offensive.

    Also from your post it seems you want the whole relationship to be about yourself. he's in it too and guys have needs outside of sex.

    • He says we don't have sex much cuz he is either tired or I fight with him so it makes him not in the mood. But it's confusing cuz even if I don't fight with him he sometimes doesn't want to. And we use to do it before even if he was tired.

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    • I mean he still can be a sweetheart and I do love him. That's why I am still with him. I do wish our relationship was like it was in the beginning.

    • I think that does happen in many relationships. people change and relationships evolve. it's good that he's still sweet and all, it's possible he may have noticed different changes in you too.

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