How to love your crush without being too creepy?

I wanna show her that i love her and i care about her;) but i might get al little overboard:( she might get sick of me if this goes on.. what should i do? Any ideas?:)


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  • Rather than just crushing on her, why don't you ask her out? Then you can do all those things for your girlfriend.

    • The thing is.. I'm not that close with her.. I can see that she only thinks of me as her normal friend. Although i chat with her everyday. And i'm sure i'll get rejected 85% and she'll never talk to me again:(

    • If you're not with her, you're already rejected. You just are pretending you aren't.

    • Lol okay, i'll try asking her out, wish me luck:3

  • Wait. Is she even your girlfriend? Bro, just start slow. Approach her and tell her you like her. Nothing more. Ask if she's free for a date sometime.

    If she's your girlfriend already just say you have some strong feelings for her and you're glad you're both together.

    You don't have to gush on someone when you tell then how you feel.

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