Have any of you given up on dating?

I have a strange history with girls. Elementary school was like how I imagined high-school was going to be like. Guys would flirt with girls, and girls would gossip about everyone. The whole experience has left me jaded. I was more or less the black sheep of my school, because the boys actively avoided me and the girls ignored me, so they could talk to other boys.

I know this seems childish, but I had never felt as alone as I did back then. Real despair. Now that I'm 21 years old, I see all these mind games, many of which were played with me back in Elementary school, so I feel like everyone else are the ones who didn't grow up.

I quit, the human race can go extinct for all I care.

  • I haven't given up on dating.
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  • I gave up because I'm too old for this.
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  • I gave up because I never get dates.
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  • I gave up because I can't handle rejection.
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  • I gave up because I don't like what dating has become.
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  • It's really ridiculous with the mind games of the girls. They only think about here and now. They go with the bad boy as they are "fun". That's a fact. They have "fun" until they wake up to reality and hit their 30's and the wall. Looks fade away and it hits them. Then out of the blue they want the provider. They focus and worry about the now and fun instead of both or just the future. Then they nag and complain. I don't need any of this drama tbh, especial when running a business. Again, people have to learn the hard way to get the message. Too much chasing and mind games. The funny thing is if you ignore women, typically they are attracted to you (push and pull) and I can't stand it! I mean just look at the divorce and marriage rates. That alone proves what I said is a fact and whoever gets offended is prob mad because it's true and it applies to them lol. I am gonna stay single and build my net worth. I have a little hope, foreign women. Other than that, I am done

    • I agree with what you're saying. Even women who claim they're not like that spin it a different way. They'll say they just didn't meet the right man till now, or they were going through a phase. Well I don't want you to chose me because I'm financially stable, I want you to chose me for me, not what I can provide. It's the subversive way of defending "anti-slut shaming". I am not in favor of calling women sluts, but that doesn't mean being a slut is OK. Nor is it OK to be a player, both are bad things that lead to broken families. People looking to start a family don't act like sluts/players. I will not pick up the pieces of slut's life (since I'm a heterosexual male I used the word slut). I would feel like a cuckold if I allowed a woman to use me like that.

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  • Yeah i get it. I had those pranks in elementary school like 'hey go out with me' 'okay' 'oh like id ever go out with you' and that foolish dumb games didn't stop til I was ignored all together. Silly dating and frustration with it n never changes as you can see, but I give up one minute then get mad at myself cuz of course I still hope for a good one. Silly me.

  • Yes, I have given up on dating.
    I think I've basically given up on people, in general.
    They don't seem to like me much, so I've adapted.

    I've experienced a lot of heartbreak that I don't think I've gotten over yet. Once I get past that, maybe I can try again... but I have to tell you, opening up to start the whole process again just to have it end the same way everything else has ended... yeah, that just doesn't sound fun or smart.


What Guys Said 6

  • Count me in on this one. Financial reasons is a big factor. I do not have an optimistic outlook on life our world, our reality, humanity in general.

    I still think it's real purpose is to lead to marriage and children or reproduction when it comes to scientifically speaking.

    I've also made the decision I do not have any real desire to have a family and children of my own due to the amount of attention and additional obligations it will come with such as costs, etc.,.

  • i gave up on dating for a few years but it was a conscious decision knowing that I would date again. unfortunately none of your choices applied to me. after two really terrible relationships in which I was cheated on I had grown to distrust women. compound that with the emotional baggage and I made a decision not to seek out relationships. I still hooked up with a few women but never pursued anything and if a girl pursued me I usually backed away

  • I voted the last option. Been single for 5 years because im seriously tired of all the stupid childish games women play when it concerns dating. Why does everything have to be a damn test? people live busy lives as well and dont have time to go through that immature bs. My small rant.

  • I know what you mean im 23 and im at that point. I just dont care about girls anymore honestly. Yeah ill talk to them in a friendly way but I dont chase anymore. Such a waste of time. Some of these girl's tests are mindblowing. I had one girl where things were going really well. Then one day, i saw my message didn't go through all night till next morning. She replies with 'Im swore", I ask "why", She says "too big cock"... I didn't reply, but then she text me again saying "it was a joke she wanted to see what I was guna say", obviously it wasn't a joke. Are you fucking kidding me? Still ended up banging her, nd I bang her hard for that stupidity. Was she trying to see if I was friend or boyfriend material? fucking retarded

  • I actually gave up after a bad breakup because I decided I wasn't suitable for the whole relationship thing... A year later I was a little more mentally healthy and a relationship fell into my lap. Happiest, most emotionally healthy relationship I have been in.

    Really recomend giving it a breather.

  • I haven't given up, even with all the stupid, hurtful or spiteful shit that I've encountered; because when it DOES work out and you've got some soft warm girl nuzzled up against your chest, you know it was all totally worth it.

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