Should i... or shouldn't... that is the question?

asking her to be your girlfriend... I want to ask this girl i'm seeing to be my girlfriend... there is a good cahnce she will say no, but i wanna try anyway because what is there to lose, right? I like her, and would like to take it further... but it'll be a while before i see her, and i would really like her to be my girlfriend... My step dad says i should do it now... but i don't know. I want to do it now, but now means over whatsapp, which i don't believe in, in general. But i don't know if it can wait until i next see her. It's not as meaningful, but i want to do it... She'll likely say no, but what is there to lose?

What do you think? I would calll her but here where i live is notorious for bad ohone-lines, and i hate those... i hate phones in general... should i do it? Or shouldn't i? that is the question? please help...


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  • Why do you think she'll likely say 'no'? What is your rationale behind it.

    • because she sent me a text last night saying she "doesn't feel chemistry"... yet, when i saw her after that, we made out... At first i initiated, but then she did. She'd take me hand, let it go, and then take it again. We cuddled. she held onto me, and everything about her body language told me there was more to it than "just wanting to be friends"... it's confusing and i don't know waht to make of the situation...

      And does it matter that i ask her over text? personally i prefer face to face, but i don't know when i'll next see her, and like i said, i hate phones in general, so calling isn't my forte, especially now because i've kind of taken to the bottle... I don't want her to hear me stumbling over my words because of how she makes me feel...

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    • ... i just don't know how to move forward with this... without being trapped in the friendzone prison...

    • But that's my point. The 'forwrdness" you describe wouldn't matter if Brad Pitt did it. So if this girl or any girl "friendzones" you because you're open about what you feel and want, she wasn't that into you in the first place.

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