How do I know if he's leading me on?

The guy I'm interested in seems like a genuinely nice person and, at least to me, seem to have indicated that he is interested as well. We're starting to get to know each other more now, but our interactions are really just restricted to 15 minute intervals at most. I tried to ask the other day if he would want to grab coffee, as a way to say thank you for some favors he's done for me this year, but he really avoided it and said it was no problem. I'm just not sure how to proceed now. He's an outgoing and nice guy, so maybe he's just like that with everyone and I mistook it the wrong way, but I don't know, I think there's something more here. Would that be him leading me on (in a really subtle way) or? Or did he chicken out because getting coffee would mean that we're spending more time together and he's nervous about that?

I just really don't know how to proceed from here. Might take a step back and give him room to see if he does anything to pull me back in.


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  • i would say he backed out because he doesn't wants you think that you owe him or anything
    ask him out again this time tell him you want to celebrate something. Say maybe your friendship or whatever you think can fall under the definition of the word

    • Thank you, this is really helpful.

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