Guy Didn't Text Back? (ran out of room) -- What are your thoughts?

Okay, so we have just started talking this year. I met him through my friend and we started talking from there.

At first, we mostly talked about drugs. I noticed his demeanor towards me change a little bit, we're not talking about drugs as much anymore and more about each other. Eventually he gave me his number to hit him up whenever I wanted to buy them (when I took out a pen and paper to write it down he insisted on writing it himself on my hand-- might be overthinking this but just wanted to include it in). So by now, I'm sorta crushing on him already. We talk pretty much every time we see each other in the hall now. He started texting me just to talk, nothing about drugs or anything (we're flirting & stuff).

One day he didn't answer my text (I HATE when guys do that) so I stopped talking to him for about a week. He came up and talked to me and asked if I was mad at him and stuff and we talked. We started talking again and he told me "Hit me up, girl" and I said "K" and he said "I'm being serious, do it" So I texted him.

The next day I was hanging out with my friend that I met him through (he is friends with her brother) and we were texting and stuff. My friend asks him if he wants to come over my house since we're pretty bored and we were gonna go out later and we had already been done getting ready. He says he can't because he's on house arrest and that if we want to come over his-- we can't either. So then we eventually end up video-calling him and when my friend asked him if he used to like her (like, 4 years ago) he said no, that he would bang her (I'm sort of questioning him liking me because of this also); however, when she leaves the room he tells me to close my door --I do-- and he asks me to come to a shroom party (also said he wanted me to come b/c he likes me and thinks I'll be chill) and I say yes. I think I'm the only younger one going (mostly seniors).

Then AGAIN he didn't reply & isn't talking to me today (first day back)

P. S. We've never really hung out before b/c he's on house arrest & probation

(He is throwing the shroom party after he gets out of jail and is off of both)
& I've never bought from him , I decided to use another dealer instead b/c I didn't want it to be awkward


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  • he's just flirting with you so you'll want to buy drugs from him just to see him, like when strippers pretend to like a guy 'for him not the money' so they keep coming back to the club and spending on HER. you might not have bought any yet but this is his game plan. do you really want to date a drug dealer with a criminal record and be a druggy yourself? i probably sound like a prude like older people did when i was your age but its seriously not a great life choice even if its the sociable and popular thing to do now

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