Female GaGers! What do you recommend me to say to this girl?

There is a girl back in my town who I met one night through mutual friends at my friend's apartment. We got into a whole conversation about dating and small talk about her life and my life. I'm going to go back to my hometown after final's week of college. My goal is to go on a date with her.

Anyways, I already know what i'm going to tell her but what do YOU think I should I text her. Any creative recommendations?


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  • Hi Emily. Would you be so kind and let me take you out for dinner.

    Don't say "hey" because that's what you say when you call your buddy. And don't say "hangout" because it's too casual and open to more people tagging along. "Do something" be more specific.

    You can be more cute funny about it "hi Emily. Do you like Italian or mexican food? I'm thinking where we should go to dinner next Saturday"


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  • "Hey, how have you been? I'm gonna be in town next week and I was wondering if you would like to meet up while I'm there.😊"
    "Hey, I'm gonna be in town soon, And I wanna apologize ahead of time, but I just wanna ask you out on a date so I will trip and my penis lands in your vagina."

    Just whatever you're going for... but both will do... 😝 😝 but pls note if you decide to go with the last one, be prepared to get slapped through the phone... Lol!

  • Ok say something like-----> hey so I'm going to be in town after finals wanna go out to the movies or somewhere

  • I don't think you should text her. I think you should ask her out face to face. it might be scary in fear of rejection, but in my opinion, face to face is the best way to do it.

    • well the convo must first start from a text

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    • yes I would, especially if he left a good impression. Good luck :)

    • Okay thanks!

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  • "Hello. I know you don't remember me but you have been on my lonely mind all these long months. I want to take you on a date sometime so that I may win your affections and finally penis. GC"

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