Met this girl through meetup and played tennis should I take it slow for relationship?

So i met a girl for a tennis through meetup which is pretty cool because I love tennis and she likes playing tennis. I teach tennis for a living so i'm pretty good and she played through college and haven't been playing for a while so she was rusty. Anyways we met up and we played think she was embarrassed she kept on saying she's bad etc lol.
So after we went to get coffee and etc I would like to see her again and maybe potential gf.
Should I take it slow and keep hanging out with her as friends and move on from there? Because when we met she was talkative but didn't really open. Also I did get the feeling she is a little tom boy. I plan to meet her again this Sunday maybe for a game of mini golf.
What you girls think? I should take it slow just keep hang out with her and see where it goes? im thinking of asking her when the time is right too


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  • I think its great that your considering taking it slow, but if you stay in the friend zone for too long, and that's all she will think of you to be, so I think that maybe after seeing her another time you should call her a minute after you have left and ask her on a date. I think that would be vey sweet


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