What does this mean exactly girls help me?

So i qas sitting with my friend at college and there qas a hot girl facing us i was reading a book i lifted my eyes and i found her looking in my eyes i said to myself maybe it's a coincidence i get back to my book and lift my head again and still she's staring and then i walked away with my friend and then an other time that she passes by me while i am sitting and starws again qhat could this mean? I am not the delusional type of guy i am not assuming she's into me oe anything like that


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  • It could mean anything , it could mean that she's just checking you out because she finds you attractive or maybe she wants to get to know you. If you happen to see her again... &' she's staring at you maybe you should say hi or something or start a simple conversation !

  • It seems like she has at least a little interest in you! Could be romantically, or could be just as friends. But clearly she's eyeing you. You should definitely start talking to her :) Show her some interest!!

    • Hhhh i will ! But i don't fin myself attractive or anything lel the only good feature i jave is being tall but i'll do it

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